Thursday, 19 April 2018

Target Zero: Earth Day X 365

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22. It is a day where we celebrate our land and take extra special steps to treat it right. You turn the tap off while your brushing your teeth, bring your own bag to the grocery store, and take your bike to work (we can do that now!). All those are really amazing things that you should to as much as you possibly can.

There are over 4 million people who come to The Forks every year. That’s a lot of garbage, a lot of water flowing, a lot of exhaust from cars, and a lot of power to keep our buildings at the right temperature. So, we decided we were going to do something to lessen our impact.

Here are few things we do every day to make every day Earth Day at The Forks:

In 2010, we installed a geothermal system that takes energy from the mighty forces that are our rivers and the ground around them. It uses energy stored in the earth, the river, ground water and recycles the energy produced in The Forks Market. 

Did you know the diesel engine was originally designed to be fuelled using peanut oil?

In 2008, we started working with a local mechanic shop to build tractors, a Zamboni, a site truck, three of our gators, and a refrigerated reefer that all run on the oil from all the delicious fries and other goodies in The Market and turn it into biofuel. 

In 2016, we teamed up with our friends at Beeproject Apiaries to install Winnipeg’s first urban beehive. Bees play a huge role in our ecosystem, and globally their population is on the decline. We're hoping that we can be good stewards of our environment and use it as an educational tool for people to understand bee importance too.

The 10,000-ish bees on top of the Caboose gather nectar and pollinate the flowers in our Public Orchard and the Prairie Garden. Then they make honey that is unique to The Forks. We call it Sweet Orchard Honey, and you can buy it at The Forks Info Desk in The Market.

Earth day bonus: On Sunday, the Children’s Museum is building a life-sized honeycomb and teaching kids about the importance of bees on planet Earth with Beeproject Apiaries. Get the deets.

We realized that 80% of our garbage is compostable, so that’s what we did. We installed a big ol’ BIOVATOR TM composting vessel that creates the perfect home for trillions of the right microbes and bacterias to breakdown organic waste. That super nutrient-rich soil is used in all the gardens on The Forks site to make our flowers and greenery happy and blooming.

Since changing all our water fixtures and installing two massive rainwater collection tanks in our parkade, we have save four Olympic swimming pools worth of water each year. We have two huge, beautiful bodies of water beside use, so why not use them. 

On Sunday, we are hosting Target Zero Eco-Kids Tours presented by MMSM to teach the kiddos about sustainability and why they should do what they can to give the Earth some love. 

The tours, created and executed in conjunction with Green Kids Inc., offers a 60 minute interactive walking experience for school aged children. Led by two actors, the tour stops at Target Zero hot spots like the Biovator, the geothermal loops, the rain water collectors near the parkade and finishes with a personal message the kids can do at home, reducing, reusing and recycling.

Each 60 minute tour is FREE and can accommodate up to 25 school children. Programming runs April through October. Booking must be made a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

Since then, we’ve reduced our yearly carbon footprint from 1,179 to 210 metric tonnes, upped bike traffic by 62%, and saved multiple Olympic-sizes swimming pools worth of water per year.

We’re not stopping there! Keep your eyes peeled to see what’s in the works. 


Thursday, 12 April 2018

Vintage Pop-up Market: 5 vintage shopping tips

The Forks loves everything old, beautiful, and especially when those things are repurposed into people’s lives. So it only makes sense that we bring together some of our favourite vintage dealers in Winnipeg and hold a vintage pop up in The Market.

We’ve done just that! Friday from 5 - 9PM and Saturday from 10AM - 7PM, on the second floor of The Market, you'll find some of Winnipeg's best vintage goodies.

Here are your vendors:
We've gathered some tips to make sure you get the most of your vintage market hunting.

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1. Come early

The beauty of vintage items is that they are one-of-a-kind. That means, in order to be able to shop the full glory of a vintage market, you have to be the one of the first people to get there. The best items sell quickly, so don’t miss your chance at the extra special vintage goodies.

2. Don’t hesitate

Again, one-of-a-kind. When you see something you really like, grab it. Even if you’re not sure if you’re going to buy it, carry it around until you’ve made a decision. Nothing is worse in the world of vintage shopping than watching someone else pick up and buy that amazing jumpsuit you were thinking about, but weren’t sure about. Regret is real, folks. Just do it.

3. Caffeinate

Anyone else feel better shopping after a couple shots of espresso? We do. You’ll be in a better mood and have more energy to filter through all the beautiful vintage wares at max caffeination level. Taking the time to look through everything is key when vintage shopping. You might just find that one amazing belt that was hidden in a corner if you’re the one to look.

4. Be thorough

This goes hand in hand with tip #3. Flip through every hanger, take the time time to dig through the bowl of jewelry, and visit every vintage dealer. You may just run into the piece that makes your heart flutter and your mind go, “start the car!”

5. Have fun with it

If you’re anything like us, wearing vintage clothes you’ve hunted down makes you feel vibrant and special. Having someone ask, “I love your pants. Where did you get them?” and being able to respond with “Oh I got it at this amazing vintage market,” is an incredible feeling. So, buy items that will get some attention. You’re worth it and so are the beautiful vintage items.


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Friday, 6 April 2018

Laughter in Common: Winnipeg Comedy Fest at The Forks

If there's one thing we all have in common it's that we love a good giggle fest. Tomorrow at The Common, as a part of Winnipeg Comedy Fest, we're having a free show – Laughter in Common.

Grab a beer or an ice cream from Neon Cone and meet us at The Common tomorrow, April 7, for a special preview of local and visiting comedians playing Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

Host: Ryan Ash

Ryan Ash is a fast rising member of the Canadian comedy scene. Ryan has been seen at the Winnipeg Comedy Fest five times and heard on Sirius XM. He was a semi-finalist in 2015 for Canada's Top Comic, and has toured to exciting Saskatchewan locales such as Kamsac and Wawota.

Ryan has had numerous appearances on film and TV, for companies like NBC and Sony Pictures. Ryan's fast, energetic style coupled with his strange worldview have helped him charm audiences from coast to coast.

Ivan Decker

2018 Juno Nominee for best comedy album Ivan Decker has quickly become a favorite among audiences and comedians alike across the country. A true-to-the-craft comic, Ivan Decker's young take on a classic stand-up style is a talent found few and far between.

Ivan has appeared on television and festival stages across the country, radio shows on CBC and Sirius XM, He also made his international network television Debut on CONAN in late 2017 Ivan is a class act and is always thoroughly enjoyed by comedy fans of any denomination.

Tyler Penner

Tyler Penner has been writing and performing comedy in Winnipeg for just over eight years. In that time, he's gone from trying out material at local open mics to headlining sold-out comedy showcases at the Park Theatre. In 2014, Tyler won the title of Winnipeg's Funniest Person With a Day Job at Rumor's Comedy Club, where he now is a regular host. Tyler previously appeared at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival kicking off the Fish Out of Water gala at the Pantages Playhouse. He also hosts his own show every year at Winnipeg's Oddblock Comedy Festival.

Kate Schellenberg

Kate Schellenberg is originally from the East Coast. She got tired of the mild winters, cheap lobster, and being near the ocean, so she packed her bags and headed to Manitoba. She has performed at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Oddblock Comedy Festival and Rumor's Comedy Club. After being a stand-out in the Rumor's Roast Battle, Kate began producing and hosting her own Roast Off at Wee Johnny's. She was recently named one of CBC Manitoba's Future 40 young change-makers.


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