Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Help for the Holidays

With only a few days till Christmas, we know there can be stress (and maybe some panic) when it comes to buying gifts for some of the people on your list. So, we’re here to help over the next few days with our “Top 5 Holiday Gift Hunt” for your teens, your hipster friends, your dad, your mom, and last but not least, your friend who says they never want anything, but you want to get them something because they just deserve it.

Today we tackle the hardest first: THE TEENS. You know, the ones that live on their phones and who only seem to want cash?! Ya, those ones. Now, you might not instinctively think of going to The Forks to find them something, but we've got some great gift giving ideas that we think your teens (no matter how apathetic they are) will like {or dare we even say... love?!}

1. Look slick and support the local skate scene with a Sk8 Hoodie: $64.95 from Sk8.
2. Keep it Riel t-shirt: $19.99 from Two Rivers (You can also find Jets shirts here)
3. Get a unique iPhone case: $20 from Teekca's
4. Sk8 shoes. They  have wide selection to choose from for both the serious skaters or for just wondering around town.
5. Classic black frame glasses: Complete pair starting at $59 (including single vision lenses and anti-glare, scratch guard and UV protection from Eye GO
6. Everyone needs a Mountie Bobblehead: $12.99 from Two Rivers  (They also have other classic Canadian gear)
7. Diamond Toque + Plan B True DVD, both are selling out at Sk8 so you might want to stop by soon. 
8. Skateboard: $129.99 (assembled) from Sk8

1. Is she obsessed with the 80's? How about a book on Blondie: $24.95 from Pylon (Also, check out their Audrey Hepburn wallets or Marilyn Monroe photos)
2. Wide rimmed glasses: These ones are $79 from Eye GO (includes frames and lenses)
3. Dream Catcher: $19.99 from Teekca's
4. Don't want to dig through a huge purse? Keep your cash and cell in the same spot with this gold Volom Cell Case/Wallet: $33.95 from Sk8
5. Girls just want to have fun... and a cozy pair of moccasins for their feet. These beauties are from Teekca's, who also sell Mukluks.
6. Need something to fill a stocking? How about a cute Russian Nesting Doll Magnet from SF Imports
7. Nothing says winter like pairing a plaid shirt ($49.95) and studded sweater by Joy Ride ($59.95). You can find both at Sk8
8. This organic, fair trade infinity scarf is also eco-friendly. Find this scarf and more at Hempryean 

Now that we've checked off the teen on your list stay tuned for the hipster! 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Small Stores Give Big

The best gifts come in small packages, and so do the best retail experiences. This holiday season, get out of the big-box stores during Ciao! magazine’s annual Boutique Week!

From Dec. 5-14, Boutique Week retailers will be offering special promotions, discounts, gifts and treats that are sure to brighten your festive spirit while shopping. Shop at any retailer at The Forks and receive a free gift with a purchase over $25. As part of this shopping event, Boutique Week shoppers can enter a draw for a Grand Prize Shopping Spree provided by all participating stores.

“Neighbourhood stores are what give each city its local flavour,” says Ciao! publisher Laurie Hughes. “The dedication to high-quality products and service is a reflection of Winnipeg’s passionate local retailers.”

Hop on board a VIP shopping tour on Dec 5, 6, 11, and 12, and avoid the hassle of driving and parking. Tours begin with a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception at The Forks, swag bags included!

For more information and a list of participating retailers, go to

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Preparing for Winter at The Forks

The wind is getting chilly, the days are getting shorter and no one can deny there were a few little white flakes floating through the air this week…

Winter is coming. 

What does that mean for The Forks site crew? 

It means more staff, more work and a big to-do list!

Out with the old Farmers' Market Banners…in with Christmas lights!
1. Switch the geothermal heating system from cool to warm
Along with several other Target Zero initiatives, all the ventilation in the Market was redesigned with efficient heat recovery ventilation units that pre-heat fresh air with recycled heat generated by the restaurants which comes through 53 heat pumps throughout the Market to efficiently distribute heating and cooling.

Since we switched to geothermal, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 42% (448 tonnes of CO2e) and reduced our heating costs by 14%.

2. Rake leaves
It's wonderful to visit a green site, full of trees in all shapes and sizes in the summer, but our site crew definitely does not take this for granted when they're raking up all the fallen leaves in autumn. They estimate that more than 30, 1-yard bags full (about 300 garbage bags' worth) of leaves were deposited into our BIOVADOR composter this fall. This industrial composter creates the perfect environment for trillions of bacteria and microbes to do their jobs breaking down organic waste.
3. Prepare for the river freezing
The warming huts have been selected and the Zamboni has been tuned up, but even before the river begins to freeze, all the docks must be removed and stored until the spring thaw. As soon as the river is safely frozen, we'll let everyone know and all the river trail activities can begin! 

4. Prepare Urban Garden for hibernation
We're giving the Urban Gardens the fuel they need to make it through the winter by giving them a final prune and topping them with nutrients in the form of compost from the BIOVADOR 

5. Put up Christmas lights
While the holidays are still a few weeks away, we're best off getting the Christmas lights up before the first blizzard of the season. And besides, lights on sight make spirits (and dark evenings and nights) bright!