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Holiday Shopping with the Pros at The Forks Market

The Forks Market is full (literally full – you might have heard McNally Robinson Booksellers is opening soon?! Their shop is under construction upstairs next to Sydney’s and Bayshore Gifts in Glass and is set to open in the new year!) of fun, one-of-a-kind merchants, artisans and trendy shops, with great gift ideas to help you to cross everyone off your “nice” list, and still have time for a cute skate date or flight of wine to celebrate your shopping accomplishment!

This year we turned to some of the experts – people who we know spend a lot of their time around here – to share their thoughts on what they’ll be wrapping up and placing under the tree for folks in their lives this holiday.

Have a look – maybe you’ll find just the gift-giving inspiration you’re looking for!

The Travelling Signpainters

The Travelling Sign Painters spend time at The Forks at least a few times a month – but usually they only have the opportunity to window shop. The duo, Joseph and Brigitte, come in after-hours to change up the artwork on the sign at The Common, or paint murals on the temporary construction walls of shops that are being renovated!

Joseph has his eye on a few pieces from Gilbert’s Stones for his mom this year – she’s really into crystals and has wanted a Himalayan salt lamp for a while, and he found plenty to choose from at Gilbert’s Stones.  

Gilbert's Stones

Brigitte works at White Pine Bicycle Co. in the Johnston Terminal, where Joseph, who’s decided to take a crack at winter biking for the first time this year, dropped many hints that he would really like a fat tire bike or a new leather saddle or, at the very least, a White Pine sweatshirt for Christmas this year.

White Pine Bicycle Co.

White Pine Bicycle Co.
White Pine Bicycle Co. 

Almond Tree

Brigitte is big on embracing what makes you feel good during the holidays – whether that’s time with family, time alone, time for wine, or time for one (or several) of each flavour of saltwater taffy Almond Tree has to offer.   

Louise Waldman

Louise is the Manager of Communications at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights – which means she spends at least five days a week on site at The Forks.

Louise celebrates Christmakkah in her family – her husband is Icelandic-Lebanese and she is Jewish. They light candles each night for Channukah, and have a big family Christmas dinner on the December 25.

Coal & Canary

Coal & Canary
She’s picked out a Coal & Canary candle, Dogwood Coffee from Fools + Horses, and these stunning earrings from Forks Trading Co. in The Forks Market to gift to her daughter, coworker, and friend. Her family also has a tradition of giving back at holiday time – they’ll be supporting Welcome Place’s toy drive this year.

Fools + Horses

Forks Trading Co.
If you’ve come to The Forks to do some holiday shopping, be sure to pop in to the CMHR gift shop – they have a beautiful selection of ethically sourced gifts – or museum passes might be a great option for someone on your list! 

Lindsay Somers

Lindsay is The Forks’ resident wellness blogger, run club instructor and urban advocate for active transportation. She can be spotted on site almost daily having walking meetings, teaching people to learn how to run their best 5km or lace up their skates.

Yash Global

Yash Global

She likes to pick up a few gifts for clients of hers – these soothing-scented soaps from Yash Global make a great gift or stocking stuffer.

Forks Info Kiosk

Forks Info Kiosk

As a lifestyle health coach, Lindsay is big on reminding people to drink water – these insulated stainless steel Forks water bottles are available at The Forks Info Kiosk for $35 (located between Pancake House and Frogurts on the main floor). Also available at The Forks Info Kiosk: Forks t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags for the Forks lover in your life, Common beer + wine flight boards and honey made by the bees that live here at The Forks in the summertime!

Distant Caravans

Distant Caravans

And she thought it would be fun to do a friend-date: meeting at The Forks for a drink at The Common before or after a skate, and heading up to Distant Caravans for a reading. 

Nisha Tuli

Nisha’s 9-5 office is at Travel Manitoba, and on weekend she can be found at The Forks Market sipping coffee or shopping around while her daughter takes theatre lessons at Manitoba Theatre for Young People. For her, the holidays are a big family affair – her husband is Ukrainian so they have a twelve course dinner on Christmas Eve, and there are lots of young cousins excited for St. Nick, including her two children.

Speaking of MTYP, do you have your tickets to Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, yet? They’ve opened up a New Year’s Eve show, and tickets are selling quickly!

Sk8 Skates

Forks Trading Co.

SF Imports

Eric Admiraal

Eric is a graphic designer at Travel Manitoba, and an avid Forks Market shopper. He and his husband Cody are responsible for throwing the Christmas Eve come-and-go, no-kids-allowed exclusive and highly-anticipated annual party of the season.

Ellement Wine & Spirits

Naturally, they have a few favourite bottles at Ellement Wine & Spirits to have on-hand when they host. For ideas on what you should definitely pick-up at The Forks Market for the next holiday event you’re hosting, check out our Guide to Hosting + Gifting this holiday season.

He is dedicated to shopping for toys for his niece + nephew that will drive his sister crazy, and has had success on this front at Kite and Kaboodle in the Johnston Terminal.

Kite and Kaboodle

Kite and Kaboodle

Eric and Cody are known in their friend group for having a great selection of board games, so he chose one from the great selection at Kite and Kaboodle to add to the collection.    

Kite and Kaboodle

Tabitha Langel

You might recognize Tabitha – she is one of the owners of Tall Grass PrairieBread Co. and Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen. She is often at The Forks shop, working to share her passion for supporting local, organic farming, and bread baking as therapy. If you ever get the chance to ask her about seeds, milling, baking or bread, do – it is her passion and you will be so inspired.
Forks Trading Co.
Bayshore Gifts in Glass
Aida Crystal

Aida Crystal
Christmas in Tabitha's world is very much centred around celebrating with food, singing and playing games with close friends, family, neighbours and they open their home to those who may not have anywhere else to spend the holiday.  

There you have it – hopefully we’ve afforded you some ideas to accomplish your holiday shopping goals. Thank you for visiting our blog, thank you for visiting The Forks and supporting our local shops, restaurants and vendors. Enjoy the holidays in whatever way makes you happiest and we look forward to ringing in the New Year with you!

Holiday hours:
Most shops are closed December 25. Market doors will be open for skate change and washrooms.

More info on:
Ice conditions for on-land trails and the Red River Mutual Trail
Wawanesa Family New Year’s Eve festivity line-up

Market News: PASSERO and corto

You've waited, and you've probably wondered what was going on behind the temporary construction walls in The Forks Market.

PASSERO and corto, chef Scott Bagshaw's newest projects, are up and running in The Forks Market Food Hall.

PASSERO is a 36-seat full-service restaurant right in the middle of the Food Hall. It's Bagshaw's classic and contemporary take on Italian food, featuring a healthy nod to French cooking, and an all-Italian wine list.

"The menu will evolve," says Bagshaw, of the 24-item list of offerings - five of which feature high-quality, handmade pasta.

The classic Italian menu provides Bagshaw a bit more guidance and restraint than those of his other restaurants, Maque, Enoteca and the late Deseo, breaking things down into defined categories – salad, raw, pasta, meat & seafood, vegetables, charcuterie.

"People will recognize bits of Maque and the gnocchi from Deseo is making a comeback, which I know people will be super excited about, but parts of it will seem unfamiliar as well," says Bagshaw, who is maybe most excited about the "Raw" selections on the menu - taking fresh ingredients and really making them sing.

"This menu is elegant and thoughtful, but still accessible," says Bagshaw. "It's creative. We're respecting the ingredients, just elevating them."

Expect to make a few selections off the menu to share.

corto, on the other hand, is PASSERO's daytime counterpart. Featuring a shorter menu with a handful of classic Italian sandwich options and a few sides, corto is open every day starting at 11AM, also serving dark roast espresso drinks. 

PASSERO opens at 5PM, and we recommend you make a reservation: or 204-219-7300

corto is open at 11AM daily.

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Get Going: Commuting with Company Using GoManitoba

It’s no secret that I believe movement should be integrated into our daily lives. One of the ways to maintain long-term health is to create routines and habits to move our bodies while fulfilling other purposes at the same time. Like commuting. Everyday, I have to get to my studio somehow, so might as well use my body to it.

When I heard there was a new app that helped connect like-minded commuters to one another, I knew I had to give it a try. After all, it combines all of my favourite things – being outside, active commuting and meeting new people.

The Go Manitoba app is for all types of commuters – walkers, cyclists, transit takers and drivers. After entering your home and work/school destination, it provides a list of all potential commuters in your area. There are six cyclists and four walkers in my neighbourhood! I have never winter cycled—I’m thinking this would be a great opportunity to pair up with someone who can show me the ropes of winter cycling!

But for now, I was mostly interested in finding someone to walk with. So I arranged a walk with Kristin, who was also walking along the river trail to The Forks.

Winnipeg is such a small city—turns out I TOTALLY know Kristin. Ha! So we grabbed a coffee and made our way from the Village to downtown via The Forks on a sunny winter morning.

It was so nice to have someone to walk with! I’m mostly a solo walker, so it was great to have someone to chat with as a change of pace. If you wanted to start the habit of walk commuting, I think many people would benefit from having a walking buddy to help hold them accountable to the habit. When someone is expecting you—you have to show up!

For those not within walking distance of their workplace, the ride share option seems like it would be quite useful. Save money on parking, fewer cars on the road, and better for the environment. And, potentially…make a new friend!

Would you try active commuting if you had a buddy? Sign up for the Go Manitoba app and see who’s around you to try active commuting with!

Lindsay Somers is a Lifestyle Health Coach you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. All photos by Janine Kropla.

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