Thursday, 27 July 2017

Take a Walk Through Caboose #76602

Have you noticed anything different about the caboose outside The Forks Market? Something's changed, and it's super cool. 

It's open! Climb up the stairs on the front of the caboose, push open that old wooden door, and travel back to the 1930s.

This caboose has seen more of Canada than most of us ever will. It was built in the 1930s at the Point St. Charles Shops in Montreal and has put on a lot of miles since. 

Until 1988, when it was retired at the Transcona Shops right here in Winnipeg, the caboose traveled the CN lines from coast to coast housing the conductors and crews of the trains it capped off.

Back in the day, the caboose was where the conductor and crew worked, slept, and likely huddled around the wood fire with a celebratory drink along the way. 

The crew would hang out there from time to time to monitor the brake and air pressure and to log the number and contents of each train car in front of it.

On September 15, 1992, the Canadian National Railways donated Caboose #76602 to The Forks as a nod to all the thousands of train crews that traveled through The Forks years ago.

Trains and railways are an important part of The Forks' history. Before it was the great hang-out spot it is today, The Forks was gravel, rail ties, and a whole lot of trains. The Forks – then called the East Yard – was where the trains would stop to load up and receive cleaning and maintenance. 

Now, we treasure gifts like Caboose #76602 as a reminder of one of the many things this land once was before we called it The Forks.

So please, walk to the back of the caboose, take a seat on the bench to your right, look out the window at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, and try to imagine The Forks bustling with trains, horses, and the people that worked so hard to maintain all of it.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Tunes of the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Canada Games Festival: Ontario & Quebec

The 2017 Canada Summer Games are quickly rolling into town, and it's not only the sports we're looking forward to but also the 11 days of free music and fireworks for the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Canada Games Festival.

Summer doesn't feel complete without spending at least a couple days hanging out with your friends at a music festival singing along and dancing until the sun sets. Sometimes those festivals aren't cheap, but this one is as affordable as you can get– free!

This only covers two of the 11 days of music, so check out the artists playing and stay tuned for many MANY more.

Ontario Day
July 29

Attica Riots
5:55 pm

Kardinal Offishall
6:55 pm

8:05 pm

Serena Ryder
9:20 pm

Quebec Day
July 30

Justin Lacroix
5:00 pm

Made in Kouglistan Street Circus
5:55 pm

Nicolas Pellerin et les Grands Hurleurs
6:55 pm

Bobby Bazini
8:05 pm

Coeur de Pirate
9:20 pm

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Work Hard, Play Hard: The Free Canada Games Festival You Just Can’t Miss

When the 2017 Canada Summer Games come to Winnipeg, the best place to feel the heat of The Hottest Summer in Half a Century will be at the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Canada Games Festival.

The Forks have been a meeting place for over 6,000 years, so what better place to have a central hub for spectators, athletes, volunteers and the Manitoba community to celebrate together.

The free, family-friendly festival will run for eleven days from July 29 until August 12 at The Forks and showcase over 150 Canadian artists. Each province and territory has been invited to join in creating an exciting festival atmosphere that will incorporate family-friendly activities and include an array of music along with Indigenous, francophone and cultural content from across Canada.

The diverse, all-Canadian line up includes headliners such as Ontario’s Serena Ryder and Kardinal Offishall.

Saskatchewan’s The Sheepdogs and Buffy Sainte-Marie.

Nova Scotia’s Natalie MacMaster and The Trews.

Newfoundland’s Alan Doyle.

P.E.I’s Jenn Grant; New Brunswick’s Matt Andersen and Les Hay Babies.

Quebec’s Coeur de Pirate.

Nunavut’s Tanya Tagaq and the Jerry Cans.

B.C.’s Loverboy.

Alberta’s Brett Kissel

Last but certainly not least... showcasing Manitoba talent will be Royal Canoe, William Prince, Fred Penner and a special performance by the Crash Test Dummies with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

For children and young families, the MacDon Family Zone at Parks Canada Place will have numerous fun, recreational activities along with local artisans and food vendors to keep everyone entertained. 

Be sure to stay for the fireworks at the end of each night’s concert!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Endless Choices With the Flights of The Forks Market

Flights! What's a flight? A flight is the freedom from commitment. 

Essentially, it's a sampler of multiple kinds of deliciousness, so you don't have to settle with the one beer, coffee, wine, or ice cream that you know and love and that has treated you well time and time again. Flights make it easier to branch out and try new things while still sticking with the varieties you trust.

Now, you can get four different flights within the Food Hall in The Forks Market.


If you're not already familiar with The Common, it is our craft beer and wine kiosk that has 20 different taps filled with mostly local brews for you to pick from. They range from an easy-drinking ale to a richer stout. Your instinct is to go for the type of beer you know you'll like, but the beauty of a flight is that you can branch out with minimal risk. 

Pick four. 
Pick a colour of beer that scares you a little. 
Pick the new one from the local brewery that just opened. 
Pick one you know you'll like. 
Pick the one with the name you can't pronounce (each one is numbered, don't worry). 

P.S. The staff at The Common are super helpful, and they always make great recommendations.

We picked: Barn Hammer Brewing Co. Grandpa's Sweater, Lake of the Woods Brewing Co. Firehouse Ale, Little Brown Jug 1919, and Lagunitas India Pale Ale.


You don't know what energized feels like until you've tried this thing. Our newest member of The Forks Market family is Fools & Horses, and they didn't fool around when creating their flight. Ready?

Batch brew. Pick one: Mixtape from Dogwood Coffee or Corrego Lavrinhas by Pilot Coffee.
Gibraltar (equal parts espresso and steamed milk). Pick one: Heritage from Pilot Coffee or Guji from Transcend Coffee. 
Espresso. Pick the espresso you didn't choose for your Gibraltar.

And there you have all the caffeine you need to get you through those summer classes or to power your summer evening adventures.

We picked: Mixtape, Heritage, and Guji.


Just like the craft beer, The Common is also stocked with 20 different wines to choose from. 20! Yeah, think again if we're picking just one. Curate that flight to match your mood or ask The Common staff what they suggest – they know them all very well.

Pick three.
Maybe you're feeling romantic and want to stick with three reds. 
Maybe it's a scorcher outside and you need a couple of white wines and a rosé to cool you down. 
Maybe you're feeling a bit all over the place and want one of each.

We picked: Mud House Sauvignon Blanc, Domaine de Gournier Cevennes Rosé, and Opawa Pinot Noir.

Ice cream

Neon cone recently re-vamped their selection and added a bunch of great new goodies. Yup– ice cream flights! Hot days at The Forks have met their match.

Pick four.
Pick a gelato.
Pick the one you could never commit to.
Pick something with all the chocolate.
Pick one from their new feature menu.

We picked: Mango, Honey Lavender, Triple Chocolate Brownie, and another brownie variety from the feature menu (yes, two brownie ones because we couldn't help ourselves). 

Flights are what you want them to be, so take our suggestions or find a variety of your own and let us know when you find the perfect combination!

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

7 Ways to feel extra Canadian at Canada 150 at The Forks | 7 façons de se sentir vraiment Canadien lors des célébrations Canada 150 à La Fourche

Along with a stellar list of Canadian talent hitting the multiple stages on Saturday for Canada 150, we’ve got a whole other set of things going on to get the maple syrup flowing fast in your veins.

Bust out that Canada Day flag headband, apply the maple leaf tattoos, secure the red and white wig, and ride down to The Forks to finally get your #Canada150 on!

En plus d’une liste impressionnante de talents canadiens qui se produiront sur plusieurs scènes ce samedi à l’occasion de Canada 150, nous vous proposons plein d’autres activités qui permettront au sirop d'érable de couler rapidement dans vos veines.

Portez un bandeau au motif du drapeau du Canada, appliquez des tatouages de feuille d’érable, mettez une perruque blanche et rouge et dirigez-vous vers La Fourche pour prendre part aux festivités #Canada150!

Dress up like it’s 1867 | Costumez-vous comme si c’était 1867

The Dalnavert Museum will be fully stocked with big gowns, heavy skirts, bowler hats, and frilly shirts. Don the vintage wears and immortalize the 150-years-ago version of yourself at their photo booth. 

Le musée Dalnavert disposera d’un énorme stock de grandes robes, jupes lourdes, chapeaux melons et chemises froncées. Enfilez les costumes d’époque et immortalisez ce à quoi vous auriez ressemblé il y a 150 ans en vous faisant prendre en photo.

Get your pow wow on | Pow-wow avec nous

At sunrise, the Spirit Riders will open the day’s events at Oodena Celebration Circle. Then from 1:00-6:00 pm, come down to feel the beat of the drum and see the bright colours and movements of dancers spinning along in their regalia. During the pow wow, you’re encouraged to speak to the Indigenous story tellers to learn about their oral histories. 

Au lever du soleil, les Spirit Riders inaugureront les évènements de la journée au Cercle de célébration Oodena. Ensuite, de 13 h à 18 h, c’est le pow-wow, soit l’occasion de vibrer au rythme du tambour, d’admirer les couleurs vives et les mouvements tournoyants des danseurs costumés et de parler aux conteurs autochtones afin d’en savoir plus sur leur histoire.

Learn something new about Canada | Apprenez quelque chose de nouveau sur le Canada 

Faites une visite guidée en bateau Splash Dash et promenez-vous sur les rivières Rouge et Assiniboine. Alors que vous regarderez vers La Fourche à partir des rivières, votre guide vous dira à quoi ressemblait la région il y a bon nombre d’années. 

Send a fellow Canadian a post card | Envoyez une carte postale à un compatriote 

Letter Peddler Press Postcards have an on-the-go letter press, which their bringing to the celebrations on Saturday. Find them to print your own Canada Day themed post card on their mini printing press. They will send it to anywhere in Canada for you, or you can keep it for yourself.

La mini-presse à imprimer Letter Peddler Press sera présente aux célébrations de ce samedi. Elle vous permettra de réaliser votre propre carte postale de la fête du Canada que vous aurez le choix d’envoyer n’importe où au Canada, ou de garder pour vous. 

Ride to The Forks | Rendez-vous à La Fourche à vélo

We Canadians are polite and pride ourselves in being nice to the people around us. Let’s be nice to the environment too and ride our bikes down to The Forks this Canada Day. When you get there around noon, park it in the free bike valet, and don’t worry about it until 11:30 pm. 

Nous, les Canadiens, sommes polis et fiers de faire preuve de gentillesse envers les gens qui nous entourent. Montrons-nous aussi gentils envers l’environnement et allons à La Fourche à vélo en cette fête du Canada. Dès votre arrivée vers midi, garez votre vélo grâce au service de valet et laissez-le là sans inquiétude jusque vers 23 h 30. 

Take time to reflect | Prenez le temps de réfléchir

Il s’est passé beaucoup de choses au cours des 150 dernières années. Nous célébrons cette année les grandes réalisations du pays tout en tirant des leçons du passé. Le Musée canadien pour les droits de la personne offrira des droits d’entrée de 5 $ tout au long de la journée, et sera ouvert jusqu’à 19 h. Il vous sera donc possible d’accorder un vrai moment  de réflexion à ces dernières années.

Play some hockey | Jouez au hockey

Would Canada Day be truly Canadian if we didn’t include hockey in some form? Don’t think so! Bring your stick and some buddies and play a game of ball hockey in The Forks Market parking lot. We’ll be scoring beauties until 6:00 pm. You in?

La fête du Canada serait-elle vraiment canadienne s’il n’y avait pas de hockey sous une forme quelconque? Pas vraiment! Alors prenez votre bâton et amenez quelques copains pour jouer une partie de hockey-balle sur le terrain de stationnement du Marché de La Fourche. Nous tiendrons le score jusqu'à 18 h. Vous êtes prêt?

Full schedule | Programme complet 

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